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Search for flights from over 650 airlines and pay in Peruvian sol (PEN) at Alternative Airlines. We give you the choice to pay in over 160 currencies (including PEN) on all flights.

How to Book flights In peruvian sol

Follow these two simple steps to search and book flights in Peruvian sol.


Change the currency from default to PEN by using our currency changer tool.

Enter the dates and destinations that you want to fly between and click 'search flights'. 

step by step guide showing how to use Peruvian sol to buy airline tickets


We'll no show you all flights that are available on the dates and destinations that you selected, with prices in Peruvian sol.

Confirm your selection, fill out the details on the next page and select your payment method. The currency that you're charged in will automatically be set to Peruvian sol. 

Step by step guide on how to use the Peruvian sol to buy airline tickets

About the peruvian sol (pen)

The Nuevo Sol is the currency of Peru. It is subdivided into one hundred centimos. The name is derived from Peru's historic currency; the Sol was used during the 19th century until 1985. The origin of the word was from the Latin word solidus, but the name is also related to the Spanish solar.

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